Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the world of Instagram but know how important it is for your business? I've got you covered! 

This course will cover the absolute basics of instagram, including the anatomy, and giving in depth explanations of Instagrams features such as, stories, how to optimise your bio, writing an audience grabbing caption and more! Throughout the course will be hints and tips how to make the most out of your Instagram account and gain engagement


Part 2 of the series 'Instagram basics' is a more advanced look into how to get better engagement from your posts and make the most out of your community

Who am I? I am Amy, I am the founder of KOHR and have a Masters Degree in Marketing and promotion. I have run social media accounts for several different brands and have a vast knowledge of how to gain engagement and get the most out of your instagram community! 

The course will be held on Zoom

Part 1: 24th of November 7:30pm

Part 2: TBA

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