At KOHR we take pride in our fabric. We ensure all of our fabric is manufactured as sustainably and ethically as possible. Read below to find out where our fabrics are made, and why we love them so much!

Organic Cotton

Our GOTS certified Organic Cotton (GOTS certified means our Organic Cotton has been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard) is grown in Turkey around the Izmir region. Our Cotton is known as Aegean Cotton, and is one of the best quality Cotton in the world! The staple length of the Cotton is around 1” (the longer the staple the more durable the fabric). Our cotton is also ‘roller ginned’; the process that extracts the fibres from the cotton plant, which is less aggressive than the traditional gin system. This means the fibres are stronger and more durable, creating a better-quality fabric.

Organic cotton is grown without using the harmful pesticides and produces around 46% less CO2e, therefore better for animals and communities surrounding the farms. The farms are situated in rain-fed areas, meaning farmers rely on rainwater to grow their crops. Organic cotton is significantly more sustainable and ethical as it protects our environment and the farmers from pesticides and vast water consumption. 

Our Organic Cotton supplier also runs a living wage project to ensure all their staff are paid fairly and equally along with several campaigns for women empowerment and helping their local schools. 

In our Capsule Collection we have two types of Organic Cotton Jersey. We have a lightweight fine rib that is so soft and comfortable to wear it is the perfect fabric for our Tank Top and Mock Neck as they will be mostly worn as a base layer. Our second fabric is a heavy weight jersey for the cycling shorts. This material is thick and super stretchy; therefore, it is not see-through at all! You can feel and see the quality in both of these fabrics and we love them at KOHR.


Organic Bamboo

Our Organic Bamboo fabric is grown and manufactured in China. It is grown in the Sichuan province and manufactured in the Hebei province. One third of the world’s Bamboo production is in China. Our Bamboo is grown in a wild farm making it the best climate for the plant; the farm has also passed the international forest certificate (FSC certificated). Our Bamboo is certified by the ECO CERT to ensure the Bamboo is grown organically and sustainably. It is manufactured in a closed loop system, meaning any waste produced is recycled and used again. The fibre production is also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the production method is completely free of harmful chemicals, making it safe for humans to work around.

Bamboo is naturally bio-degradable; therefore, the decomposition doesn’t harm the environment. Bamboo comes from nature, and completely returns to nature in the end. Bamboo has incredible moisture absorption properties making it the perfect Summer fabric. Other properties of Bamboo are: anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and soft. 

Organic Bamboo has to be one of our favourite fibres because you can make so many different types of beautiful fabrics with them! Our original Bamboo scrunchies are Jersey and our new Blazer lining is Bamboo Silk. The lining is so soft on the skin and due to its high absorbent properties, it keeps you perfectly cool in the Summer! 

Corozo Buttons

Our Buttons are made from the Corozo nut, naturally making them biodegradable. The nut is also known as Tagua, which grows on a Corozo palm, which is found throughout Northern South America and parts of Panama. The Corozo nut is then shipped to the UK to be manufactured into our beautiful buttons. 

The fruit grows in clusters which is covered in dark brown spikes. When the fruit is new, the pockets contain a liquid with the consistency of coconut milk. When the fruit matures it hardens and becomes a solid nut, the Corozo nut. Our Corozo Buttons are un-dyed so you can see the beautiful natural colours and textures. 

Recycled Bottle Zips

Our Zips are made from recycled plastic bottles. Our Zip supplier has partnered with REPREVE, a leading producer of recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. 1 Million Trouser Zips keeps 140,000 plastic bottles out of landfill, it also saves 11,768 litres of water. Using recycled products is a great way to make use of the plastic already in our environment. It is definitely a short-term solution, but one that is vital to save our planet from human consumption. Our zips are manufactured in Italy.

Bio-degradable Elastic

Our elastic is designed in Berlin, Germany and manufactured in a small family run business in Austria. The Elastic is 100% biodegradable as it is made from Organic Cotton and Natural Rubber using the milk from a rubber tree. It is a very durable elastic and lasts longer than conventional elastics due to the care taken during the manufacturing process. Our elastic is GOTS certified. 

Vegan Sustainable Leather

Our vegan Leather is made from Silicone, an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional PVC and PU fabrics. Silicone is a unique material in terms of its sustainable qualities. Silicone is made from quartz, which is the most common component of sand. It is naturally less intrusive on the environment. The production of silicone takes significantly less manufacturing power (less water and electricity) compared to PU and PVC, and there is no need to use chlorine in the production process. Aside from being PVC and PU free, Silicone leather has low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans). For every ton of CO2 emitted, the use of silicones allows for savings 9 times greater. In other words, silicone products save 9 times the amount of greenhouse gases used in production and end-of-life disposal. As silicone products are durable, it reduces the need to make excessive amounts, naturally reducing waste and extra energy. Our sustainable Leather supplier is a small business located in South Korea and operates under Fair Trade standards. This fabric is definitely the most luxurious fabric we have in our Capsule Collection! Our sustainable leather has a soft interior making it really easy and comfy to wear.