Sustainable brand series: Before July

Before July is a sustainable fashion brand that practices slow fashion by creating stand out pieces to 'stand the test of time.' All of their garments are handmade by the founder Elisa Jaycott.

What I love about this brand is the transparency - I truly believe this is how sustainable brands can compete against fast fashion brands. As Dilys Williams said, “millennials are starting to question brands about where their garments come from” and fast fashion brands won’t be able to give an answer.

Either they don’t know, or they don’t care.

I recently spoke to Elisa and she stated not all of her customers where interested in sustainability - she must be doing something right! Elisa said it was a step in the right direction and she couldn't be more right. It's amazing to see small companies altering the way consumers see and use fashion.

I am wearing the The Luna Bandeau Linen Tie Top made from a linen and cotton blend. It is the perfect 'jeans with a nice top', top. It comes unwrapped so you can change how tightly it fits you! You can also buy matching trousers and scrunchie, how cute is that!!

I love brands that add a personal handwritten note inside the order, it makes it even more special!

Check out Before July's website for more amazing clothes!

Love Amy xo

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