Sustainable brand series: Kotn

KOTN is a Canadian company with stores in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Kotn's ethos is to give its customers affordable, good quality essentials.

They have ethics and sustainability written into their values. All of their cotton is produced organically in Egypt and they share some amazing stories of their garment workers!

Check them out:

Egyptian cotton has longer fibres, essentially meaning it is much better quality than standard cotton. This creates clothes that last longer - ultimately reducing the amount of clothing in landfill! Kotn also ensures their farmers and garment workers get a fair wage by cutting out the middle man between farming and construction.

I am wearing the Mock neck tank in colour Taupe Melange made from 100% cotton. Egyptian cotton is naturally stretchy due to its long fibres, therefore there is no need for elastic! You can instantly feel the quality of the fabric. The fabric feels thin but it is not see through and it is so supportive. It is such a great essential piece to have in your wardrobe as it is so versatile. You can wear it day and night, smart and casual and it is so affordable!

Check out the rest of their website as they have so many amazing pieces - they even have a menswear line! Kotn is by far my favourite sustainable brand, I hope they open a store here in the UK!

Love Amy xo

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