Sustainable Fabric: Linen

I'm here to talk to you about Linen - as Linen is the oldest known fibres and is one of the most sustainable fabrics as it is naturally bio degradable!

Linen comes from the flax plant. Most of the plant can be used for products or to re plant. Linen also uses a lot less water to grow than cotton does, and also requires very little pesticides and chemicals in comparison. Organic linen, however manages without pesticides or chemicals.

Linen has high durability, and lasts a lot longer than most fabrics. The best thing about Linen is it gets softer and silkier over time, which allows for a longer life and relationship with the garment to form.

Linen, as any other fabric comes with cons. Linen costs more in comparison to cotton, as the process to extract the raw material takes longer. Therefore, it is seen as a luxury fabric within the industry. Linen is known for holding creasing - but as you can see in my dress above, creases don't really matter!

I think we need to learn to love linen more as it is an amazing fabric! Everyone know's linen as being the perfect summer fabric for long flowing trousers on a beach somewhere hot. BUT, Linens fibres are so porous that it has cooling AND insulation properties making it perfect for both seasons!

I am wearing the JoJo dress from Never Fully Dressed it is so flattering, perfect for summer nights! You can also find some amazing Linen clothes from LinenMe!

Love Amy xo

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