Mock neck and Leggings Loungewear Set

Mock neck and Leggings Loungewear Set


Discounted Loungewear sets only available until Christmas! 


Mock Neck:

100% Organic Cotton Fine Rib Jersey, sustainably grown and ethically manufactured. This seamless, long sleeved mock neck is the perfect sustainable loungewear or base layer to any outfit.



100% Organic Cotton Heavy Weight Jersey, sustainably grown and ethically manufactured 

Biodregradable Elastic (40% organic cotton from Turkey and 60% natural rubber from plantations in Malaysia (without child labor))


Slow fashion: Fashion that protects the environment and garment workers rather than destroying them. Fast fashion is globally destructive and its time for us to make a change. Anti-racism, feminism and being environementally friendly and ethical are all intregated into this movement. Slow fashion puts the planet and people ahead of profit. KOHR's goals is to be transparent, traceable and honest. 

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