Timeless staples for the conscious minimalist. Designed and manufactured in house.

Conscious Alternative Essentials.

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All of our products are crafted from organic, natural and sustainable raw materials. Kind to you and kind to the planet.


We take pride in knowing our materials and packaging have a positive impact on our planet. Our fabrics are sourced from ethical suppliers.


We are an independent business with our fashion line designed and manufactured in house.

Made to order

Our collections are designed and ethically manufactured in house. We are a made to order brand crafting timeless staples from organic and sustainable materials.

Why made to order?

It reduces over production and consumption which reduces the fashion industry's impact on the climate emergency! It also allows for customisation - do you have any special requirements? Contact us we'll be happy to have a chat!

Please allow up to 14 working days for manufacture

KOHR is an ambitious, uncompromising fashion brand with high ideals and strong designs. Already getting attention from influencers, national and international stockists, the brand is all set for success. 

Jane Dalton

Don't take our word for it.

Reviewed by Tarnia

I bought one of the Kohr T-shirts a little while back. AMAZING!! The quality is unbelievable, it goes with everything so gets worn ALOT.
Even after a good number of washes there is no sign of deterioration and it's as good as new! Sometimes you have to open a bit more to get quality clothes, these clothes are worth every penny!
Thanks so much Amy! I'll be shopping with you again soon. T