Size Guide – KOHRfashion

Who are we?

KOHR is a sustainable and ethical slow fashion and skincare brand. Creating conscious alternative essentials. KOHR fashion is designed and manufactured in house crafted from organic and sustainable materials. Our skincare range celebrates independent businesses who create skincare using organic ingredients and sustainable materials! 

At KOHR we have three main focuses to ensure we are sustainably innovative: longevity, versatility and traceability. 

KOHR’s main aim is to be transparent. We are not 100% sustainable, but no one is! We are in this journey with you. We are constantly exploring ways to do better; we will probably make mistakes but we will certainly pick ourselves back up from them. In all honesty, we are learning just like everyone else. Everybody's sustainable journey is different. There are so many ways to be conscious consumers! So keep doing YOU, make better choices, take one step at a time and as a community we will make this planet a better safer place!

Meet Our Founder

So, let me introduce myself, I am Amy I was born in Austria and live in the UK. I’m obsessed with crime novels, series, films anything I can get my hands on! (I think I was a detective in my previous life) 

I graduated in 2018 studying Fashion design, I worked in the fashion industry for a year, started my MA studying Fashion Marketing focussing on sustainability in 2019 and graduated at the end of 2020, I launched KOHR in June 2020 during a pandemic (aah!)

I haven’t always wanted my own business, actually I was rather against it in the beginning, because the fashion industry is such an overcrowded market. I kind of started to get the 'ick' for fashion during my 3rd year of university, I soon realised that it didn’t have much meaning or substance and I wasn’t really taught how toxic the industry was. I didn’t even make much of a break into the industry, until I realised this isn’t something I wanted to do. It was boring, repetitive and funnily enough not really creative. However, I still loved fashion itself and wanted to create something that I enjoyed doing, whilst bringing some good into the industry. This was when I first started exploring sustainability. I watched lots of documentaries such as ‘The True Cost’, read books and researched into anything I could find. I finally decided there is a place for me in the industry with my own brand fitting into a gap in the market I discovered.