How to create a Capsule Collection in 4 simple steps – KOHRfashion

How to create a Capsule Collection in 4 simple steps

How to create a Capsule Collection in 4 simple steps - KOHRfashion
Surely it's time for Fast Fashion to go out of fashion?
I will show you how to create a collection with timeless pieces that will stay with you throughout trends in 4 simple steps. As Slow Fashion is the new trend!!
Step 1: Know your colour palette
If you always buy in your colour palette you literally cannot go wrong!
Step 2: Limit your impulse buying
Okay, so this is a hard one, which im sure we are all guilty of at some point or another! But take time to think about the item you're buying. Put it in your basket leave it for a few hours/days, if its still on your mind take another look and ask yourself these questions;
What will it go with?
Can I think of at least 5 different outfits I can create using my wardrobe?
Is it in my colour palette?
How long will this trend last?
Is it good quality?
Do I really NEED it?
Step 3: Buy season-less
So, there's the obvious fact that you probably don't want to wear a big wooly jumper in 30 degree heat. BUT, that Summer dress you LOVE, can you wear it with tights and a long sleeved top underneath in the Winter? mmm, I think so!
Step 4: Know yourself
Most people know what suits them and what makes them feel comfortable and stylish so don't buy anything outside of that, simple. Sure, if you're feeling darish go for something out of your comfort zone but make sure you'll wear it at least 10 times and be sure to follow the previous steps...
Now, I'm going to let you into a little secret...
If you follow all of these steps, you are shopping sustainably. Yes YOU are sustainable! Making these conscious decisions to reduce the amount you buy and throw away automatically makes you a conscious consumer! Congratulations!!!
If you want to hear more stay tuned, as I will be sharing lots of different insights into styling, how to be more sustainable, fashion, beauty and the lot really...
Love Amy xoxo
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