Let’s talk about Plastics & Fashion this #plasticfreejuly

Let’s talk about Plastics & Fashion this #plasticfreejuly

Let’s talk about Plastics & Fashion this #plasticfreejuly

When you think about plastic pollution, you might think of single-use plastics, straws, and plastic bags….and while these are all contributing to the problem, did you know that the textile & fashion industry accounts for 15% of total plastic use?

Fast fashion is still heavily dependent on cheap synthetic materials (nearly 70% of all materials) like polyester which is made from plastic (derived from fossil fuels). Why? Because these materials are cheap to produce. Polyester, for example, costs half as much per kilo as cotton – therefore allow brands to keep prices low. Due to their low quality, they fall apart so quickly which leads to fuelling overconsumption.

...and we haven’t even mentioned MICROPLASTICS yet. It's absolutely shocking that clothes made from synthetic materials release (mainly during wash cycles) half a MILLION tonnes of microfibres into the ocean & ecosystem every single year = equivalent to more than 50 BILLION plastic bottles.

Microfibers have been found in the deepest point of the ocean, at the peak of the Himalayas, and even in the melting Arctic ice. Microplastics are indigestible & non-biodegradable and they are not only dangerous to marine life (and other animals) who digest these but they actually find their way to humans as well through the food chain & other sources.

Join us this #plasticfreejuly and be part of the solution to plastic pollution, no the problem. We will be sharing resources & tips during the month but you should also check out www.plasticfreejuly.org
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