KOHR: Redefining the Fashion Industry - A Journey Led by Amy Joanne Ko – KOHRfashion

KOHR: Redefining the Fashion Industry - A Journey Led by Amy Joanne Kohl

KOHR: Redefining the Fashion Industry - A Journey Led by Amy Joanne Kohl - KOHRfashion

KOHR, founded by visionary designer Amy Joanne Kohl, is a brand that embodies a fresh perspective on sustainability in the fashion industry. Hailing from Austria and now based in the UK, Amy's journey towards creating KOHR was shaped by her passion for fashion, her commitment to sustainability, and her desire to bring positive change to the industry.

Amy's path to becoming a fashion entrepreneur began in 2018 when she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Initially, she worked in the fashion industry, but it didn't take long for her to become disenchanted. The lack of meaning and substance, combined with the industry's toxic practices, left her searching for a better way to contribute her creative talents.

Driven by her love for fashion and a desire to create something impactful, Amy delved into the world of sustainability. She immersed herself in documentaries like "The True Cost," read books, and conducted thorough research to understand the industry's impact on the environment and society. It was during this exploration that she realised there was a significant gap in the market waiting to be filled.

Determined to address the lack of accessible and stylish sustainable clothing, Amy originally conceived her brand as "Ya Basic" in April 2018. The vision was to offer basic sustainable garments that catered to people's style preferences without compromising on ethics. However, during the sampling stage, she faced a pivotal moment of reflection. Amy recognised that she had rushed into manufacturing without considering the ethical implications behind her choices.

Undeterred, she made a crucial decision—to pursue a Master's degree in Fashion Marketing and Business with a specific focus on sustainability. This proved to be a transformative experience for Amy. It allowed her the time and space to reassess, research, test, and rectify her earlier mistakes. The MA became the catalyst for KOHR's inception, where the original vision of "Ya Basic" evolved into a brand that she could be truly proud of.

KOHR's essence remained rooted in offering elevated basics, but now with a deep commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. The brand's uniqueness lies in its refusal to conform to the stereotypical "earthy" aesthetic often associated with sustainable fashion. Instead, KOHR speaks to individuals who crave timeless, gender-neutral pieces that exude both style and conscience.

With an unwavering focus on research and growth, Amy found her niche through her MA program, elevating KOHR to new heights. In this journey of discovery, she learned that unexpected findings can lead to unparalleled achievements.

Amy's commitment to sustainability extends beyond her brand's product offerings. As the recipient of the prestigious Northern Power Woman award, she has been recognised as a "future change maker and influencer who is already making a difference in her community and environment." This accolade is a testament to her dedication to creating a positive impact both within the fashion industry and the larger world.

Amy Joanne Kohl's journey as the founder of KOHR represents a powerful redefinition of the fashion industry. Her vision, guided by sustainability and inclusivity, has given rise to a brand that transcends labels and celebrates individuality. As KOHR continues to lead by example, it stands as a beacon of hope for a more compassionate and conscious future in fashion.



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