Why is Hemp becoming a popular alternative? – KOHRfashion

Why is Hemp becoming a popular alternative?

Why is Hemp becoming a popular alternative? - KOHRfashion
"Hemp is the most durable of the natural fibres and one might say it was a miraculous fibre."
Hemp is a fibre taken from a crop in the cannabis sativa family. The Hemp fabric is not a new discovery as it has been used since 8,000 BC. The fabric is versatile and has eight times the tensile strength than other natural fibres (three times stronger than cotton). Hemp has been used for many textile products such as ropes, ship sails, sacks and canvases.
100% Hemp fabric is known for its rough texture like linen, and is commonly blended with Cotton or Lyocell to create a softer and more versatile fabric for commercial fashion items.
Hemp is a very fast-growing product; it can grow up to 250% more fibres than Cotton with the same amount of land, therefore a lot more cost effective to produce. Hemp also uses very little water, no pesticides and is biodegradable, therefore extremely sustainable.
Despite the issues surrounding hemp used as a drug, Hemp is becoming more and more popular and gaining its rightful spot in the Fashion and Beauty industry.
At KOHR our Hemp is blended with Bamboo to give it a softer to touch.
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