Ethical Practices – KOHRfashion

Ethical Code of Conduct

KOHR expects the following from our suppliers and demonstrates these practices within our in-house manufacture:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 

The Declaration of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on fundamental rights at work; 

- Freedom of association.

- Collective bargaining.

- No Forced labour.

- No Child labour.

- Equality of opportunity and treatment.

- Tripartite consultation.

- Labour administration.

- Labour inspection.

*Image to the right is our mill workers in India who work under fair trade standards.

Meet our in-house Garment Technologist

Jacob Connolly is KOHRs Freelance Garment Technologist. He sews all of our garments and accessories. Jacob currently works in his home studio in Machester where he has 3 different domestic sewing machines. Jacob is on a freelance contract as this currently works best for his working lifestyle. His hourly rate is £10 p/h which is above the current national minimum wage.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers source fabric from Turkey, Portugal, Germany, India and China. All of which are GOTS certified mills and factories. This means that checks are made to ensure safe working practices etc. You can find out more about the GOTS Standard here:

Our supplier in Glasgow are a 'Fair Wear Foundation' accredited company.

Our suppliers conduct regular checks, visits and monitoring of all their factories and mills. We are in regular communication with our suppliers and trust their commitment to ethical practices. As our suppliers and mills are small businesses they do not hold a fair trade certification however, they work under fair trade standard.

*Image to the right are seamstresses in a group called Gramdoaya in Kerala, India. These women left the fast fashion industry and created a group to protect women, pay them fairly and give them a safe working environment. They manufacture our organic face cloths

Animal Rights

We use no animal products in any of our garments, accessories and skin care.