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Organic Cotton

Our GOTS certified Organic Cotton (GOTS certified means our Organic Cotton has been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard) is grown in Turkey around the Izmir region and Uganda. Our Cotton is known as Aegean Cotton, and is one of the best quality Cotton in the world! The staple length of the Cotton is around 1” (the longer the staple the more durable the fabric). Our cotton is also ‘roller ginned’; the process that extracts the fibres from the cotton plant, which is less aggressive than the traditional gin system. This means the fibres are stronger and more durable, creating a better-quality fabric.

How is it grown?

Organic cotton is grown without using the harmful pesticides and produces around 46% less CO2e, therefore better for animals and communities surrounding the farms. The farms are situated in rain-fed areas, meaning farmers rely on rainwater to grow their crops. Organic cotton is significantly more sustainable and ethical as it protects our environment and the farmers from pesticides and vast water consumption.

Our workers

Our Organic Cotton supplier also runs a living wage project to ensure all their staff are paid fairly and equally along with several campaigns for women empowerment and helping their local schools. 

Production Methods

The cultivation of organic cotton preserves the health of soils, nature and humans,  instead of artificial fertilisers and pesticides only natural, sustainable methods are used. The use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (eg seeds) is prohibited. Instead, growing organic cotton combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the environment and promote a good quality of life for all.