Our Values

We believe it is our duty to create innovative solutions to combat the negative impact the fashion and beauty industry has on the environment, without compromising on trend, quality or price. 

Our Vision

Creating a conscious brand that is a credible alternative to the fast-paced fashion and beauty industry. To establish a healthy balance between quality, price, sustainability and ethics.

Our Commitment

We are committed to producing garments using sustainably and ethically sourced materials.  We commit to ensuring garments have a longer life span than fast fashion garments. We commit to all packaging be made from biodegradable, recycled/ able to be recycled materials. We commit to being a transparent and honest brand. We commit to ethical practices across our supply chain. We commit to not using child labour. We commit to actively seek improvements in our sustainable, ethical and diversity practices through continual research and adjusting standards

Manufacture & Supply Chain

We are a made to order brand crafting timeless staples from organic and sustainable materials. Why made to order? It reduces over production and consumption which reduces the fashion industry’s impact on the climate emergency! All of our garments are manufactured within 20 miles from KOHRs head office in Lancashire. Our main fabric supplier is based in Wales UK who supplies 85% of KOHRs fabrics. Our Wales supplier is based on the Dyfi Eco Park in a highly insulated unit with 110 solar panels on the roof. Dyfi Eco Park was an early adopter of sustainable energy sources 18 years ago. As they are a small company they are not accredited as a business but their fabric manufacturers are GOTS accredited and OEKO-TEX.Our second supplier is based in Berlin, Germany where they use carbon neutral shipping methods. They are accredited as a GOTS certified supplier and the fair for life standard accreditation.


At KOHR we use organic, biodegradable and recycled fabric, components and packaging materials to ensure as little waste as possible. Our poly mailers are made out of a compostable material. Our stickers, postcards and tissue paper are all made from recycled paper.

To reduce fabric scraps we use efficient layout plans to cut our garment patterns to waste as little fabric as possible. Our fabric scraps are saved and used for our scrunchies and bags. We also donate the scraps that we aren’t able to reuse in house to local community art projects. As a made to order brand we do not hold any stock thus reducing the amount of headstock we produce.

When manufacturing our garments we use more durable sewing techniques such as French Seams to ensure a long lasting garment.


Water consumption within the fashion industry is a huge problem. The industry uses vast amounts of water to dye and treat the fabrics. At KOHR we consciously choose fabrics to help reduce our water consumption. 

90% of our materials are natural and un-dyed meaning the water consumption is less than those that are dyed. Our cotton is organically grown and is significantly more sustainable and ethical as it protects our environment and the farmers from pesticides and vast water consumption. Our organic bamboo is manufactured in a closed loop system, meaning any waste used is recycled and used again. We use fabrics like organic hemp and linen that do not require the same amount of water as conventional cotton to produce. 

Micro plastics; the only recycled components we use at KOHR is our zips which are made using recycled plastic bottles. The rest of our fabrics and components do not contain any plastic.