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Sustainable Vegan Leather

Our vegan Leather is made from Silicone, an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional PVC and PU fabrics. Silicone is a unique material in terms of its sustainable qualities. Silicone is made from quartz, which is the most common component of sand. It is naturally less intrusive on the environment. The production of silicone takes significantly less manufacturing power (less water and electricity) compared to PU and PVC, and there is no need to use chlorine in the production process. Aside from being PVC and PU free, Silicone leather has low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans). For every ton of CO2 emitted, the use of silicones allows for savings 9 times greater. In other words, silicone products save 9 times the amount of greenhouse gases used in production and end-of-life disposal. As silicone products are durable, it reduces the need to make excessive amounts, naturally reducing waste and extra energy. Our sustainable Leather supplier is a small business located in South Korea and operates under Fair Trade standards. This fabric is definitely the most luxurious fabric we have in our Capsule Collection! Our sustainable leather has a soft interior making it really easy and comfy to wear.