10 Tips to Build a Sustainable Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe – KOHRfashion

10 Tips to Build a Sustainable Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

10 Tips to Build a Sustainable Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe - KOHRfashion

Do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Tired of standing in front of your wardrobe every morning with decision fatigue?

I have 2 words for you: capsule wardrobe

The “art” of maximising the number of outfits you can create by minimising the number of items in your wardrobe. Magic? Maybe.  

There are many ways to describe what a capsule wardrobe is but here is our own interpretation; a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing composed of interchangeable, extremely versatile, high-quality timeless clothing. Allowing you to maximise the number of outfits you can actually wear and love without accumulating huge amounts of clothes - which is neither sustainable nor affordable. 

The autumn/winter season is officially here which means one thing; filling our wardrobe with cosy, warm staples.

So, here are our top 10 tips that can help you build your own autumn/winter capsule wardrobe: 


Let’s start with a good old fashion planning session. Sit down and really plan out how you want your A/W capsule wardrobe to look like; styles, fabrics, colours, silhouettes, and must-have items. We would definitely suggest starting on Pinterest where you can create various boards of inspiration. You can also find many guides online for capsule wardrobe “must-haves”. Just be conscious; just because someone says an item is a “wardrobe staple”, it doesn’t mean it will be for YOU. 

2. Don’t go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe 

First things first, please, don’t go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe to create the “perfect capsule wardrobe”. Building a capsule wardrobe is not about going out and buying new pieces that seemingly fit into the “capsule wardrobe aesthetic” (if you know what I mean); it’s about curating your wardrobe slowly & consciously over the years to find pieces that are perfect for you. Minimising impulse buying is a big part of conscious consumption. It is essential so we can intentionally fill our wardrobes with high-quality, timeless and practical pieces, and of course, wherever possible, made ethically using more natural sustainable materials.

3. Choose versatile items

Versatile items are literally the building blocks of a capsule wardrobe. Curating a capsule wardrobe that would stand the test of time takes patience especially if you want to make it ACTUALLY sustainable & ethical*. Choosing versatile items will also save you money because you don’t have to buy multiple different pieces, you only need to buy 1 that is extremely versatile for you, and you can incorporate it in many different outfits.  Versatile pieces are key for layering during autumn/winter which brings us to top tip number 4.

*Building a sustainable capsule wardrobe means that you strive to only include items in your collection that are either secondhand or from a sustainable & ethical brand. Having that said, don’t fall for greenwashing when it comes to sustainable fashion brands, do your own research to see how sustainable & ethical they actually are. For this, our recommendation is to use the Good On You website. 

4. Layering is key

Layering is the main buzzword of the season, but how does layering play a role in building a sustainable capsule wardrobe?! Well. It’s quite simple. Layering allows you to wear most of the items in your wardrobe all year round. This means you don’t have to have a completely new wardrobe every season, saving money, waste & resources. Do you have your favourite spring/summer dress?! No problem, layer it with a jumper, coat & tights and you have the perfect autumn outfit. T-shirts & sleeveless tops are perfect for layering during winter to add some extra warmth underneath your jumper, keeping you warm & toasty. 

5. Define your colour palette and stick to it 

Purchasing timeless high-quality items that don’t go together purely because of their colour, is a waste of time & money. I think we can all agree this is something we want to avoid. Define your own personal colour palette, and stick with those colours whenever you want to bring a “new” (or “new to you”) item into your capsule wardrobe. We love this article about creating your own colour palette by The Concept Wardrobe. It is such a useful guide if you’re stuck, definitely check them out - after you finish reading this blog of course.

6. Sync your wardrobe to your lifestyle

Know your lifestyle and be realistic about what you would ACTUALLY wear every day. You can find so many capsule wardrobe essentials lists telling you what basics you need to create the “perfect” capsule wardrobe. But the reality is that everyone’s capsule wardrobe looks so different as it needs to be optimised to your own style/aesthetic, lifestyle, climate and body. For example: if you’re someone who works from home, you probably prioritise comfort over how smart an item looks. 

7. Always remember to use the “buyerarchy of needs”

Let me start with this: the most sustainable pieces of clothing is what you already own. When it comes to bringing “new” items into your capsule wardrobe consider these things first: borrow, swap, thrift, mend, upcycle or potentially make your own garments. If you’d like to invest in a new high-quality garment choose sustainable & ethical brands, like KOHR.

8. A Little Marie Kondo

When it comes to organising & decluttering, we have to agree with the “Queen of Organising”, Marie Kondo. She is a Japanese author of several amazing books focusing on organising & decluttering our homes and wardrobes. One of her philosophies is that you should only keep items in your life that “spark you joy”, and this cannot be any more true when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. Only fill your capsule wardrobe with pieces that actually bring you joy and make you feel the best version of yourself. There is no space for anything else :) 

9. Digitise your wardrobe

There are many apps out there that allow you to catalogue your clothes into a virtual wardrobe so you can visually see all your options and how you can style each piece. One of our app recommendations is Whering . This might seem like a lot of work (which it is) but it can really save you a lot of time and headache in the long run, not to mention it’s so much fun.  

10. Last but not least, a bit of a personal tip from me: if you are blessed with a constantly fluctuating body (welcome to the club), consider filling your wardrobe with items that are suitable for changing bodies. Elasticated waists and stretchy materials are going to be your best friend. 

I hope these tips will help you curate your own versatile Autumn / Winter capsule wardrobe. 

Did you know? 

KOHR’s elevated basics collection was initially designed with capsule wardrobes in mind; to create sustainable, timeless, high-quality and extremely versatile wardrobe essentials with a unique KOHR twist. 

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Which tips are most useful to you? Let’s continue the conversation over on KOHR’s Instagram.


Written by Virag (KOHR’s social media manager)

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