Last made to order date - 12th Dec | Last order date for 1st class - 20th Dec
Please allow up to 14 days manufacture time for made to order fashion


Our Founders Skincare Journey

Does any one else with skin conditions ever feel ignored by the NHS and other health professionals? Because I can imagine it's a huge percentage of us! Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Sk...
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Meet our founder

KOHR was founded by Amy Joanne Kohl a designer with a vision for a better industry.  “So, let me introduce myself, I am Amy I was born in Austria and live in the UK. I’m obsessed with crime nov...
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Why is sustainable fashion so expensive?

The big ticket question, why is sustainable fashion so expensive? Well, there's a few different answers! First, it's relative. The price tag is being compared to fast fashion - which is not...
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Recycled materials VS. Raw materials

At KOHR we only use natural, organic or biodegradable raw materials rather than recycled polyester or any other kind of plastic. I want to put out a little disclaimer, using both recycled and or...
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Why is Hemp becoming a popular alternative?

"Hemp is the most durable of the natural fibres and one might say it was a miraculous fibre."   Hemp is a fibre taken from a crop in the cannabis sativa family. The Hemp fabric is not a new d...
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