Our Story

KOHR is a sustainable and ethical slow fashion brand creating conscious alternative essentials. We have a range of clothing and accessories that are all handmade to order in the UK! Our fabrics range from being organic, biodegradable or sustainable alternatives. We pride ourselves in knowing all of the people that work on our products get paid a living wage even down to the farmers that pick the cotton! 

At KOHR we have three main focuses to ensure we are sustainably innovative: longevity, versatility and traceability. 

KOHR’s main aim is to be honest. We are not 100% sustainable, but no one is! We are in this journey with you. We are constantly exploring ways to do things better; we will probably make mistakes and we will certainly pick ourselves back up from them. But in all honesty, we are learning just like everyone else and not everyone’s sustainable journey is the same, as there are so many ways to be sustainable conscious consumers. So keep doing You, make better choices every day and take one step at a time; as a community we will make this planet a better, safer place!