Last made to order date - 12th Dec | Last order date for 1st class - 20th Dec
Please allow up to 14 days manufacture time for made to order fashion
Our Values
We believe it is our duty to create innovative solutions to combat the negative impact the fashion and beauty industry has on the environment, without compromising on trend, quality or price. - Embroidered Logo
Our Vision
Creating a conscious brand that is a credible alternative to the fast-paced fashion and beauty industry. To establish a healthy balance between quality, price, sustainability and ethics.
Our Commitment
We are committed to producing garments using sustainably and ethically sourced materials We commit to ensuring garments have a longer life span than fast fashion garments We commit to all packaging be made from biodegradable, recycled/ able to be recycled materials We commit to being a transparent and honest brand We commit to actively seek improvements in our sustainable, ethical and diversity practices through continual research and adjusting standards
Made to Order Fashion
We are a made to order brand crafting timeless staples from organic and sustainable materials. Why made to order? It reduces over production and consumption which reduces the fashion industry’s impact on the climate emergency!
Independent Skincare Brands
Our aim is to showcase organic, sustainable and independent skincare brands through KOHRs platform. Our message and vision are still the same, to create conscious alternatives!