Fashion is the second largest polluting industry (Green Match, 2019)

85% of the sustainability of the product is decided at design stage – Dana Thompson 

We over exploit our natural world – nature is not a limitless source

80% of textile produce end up in landfill – Dilys Williams 

Materials matter, up to 95% of the products environmental impact is due to the materials – Dilys Williams 


We believe brands should create innovative solutions to combat the negative impacts to the environment within the fashion industry, without compromising on trend or price. We believe fashion should not be cheap enough to throw away thus creating disposable fashion. We believe everyone should have core pieces of clothing that can be worn throughout seasons. 


Creating a conscious brand that is a credible alternative to Fast Fashion and establishes a healthy balance between Trend, Price, Sustainability and Ethics.


Focus on the raw materials stage of the process as 95% of the products environmental impact is due to the raw materials. Promoting longevity of a garment through following Macro Trends and creating good quality garments with versatility.


We are committed to producing garments using sustainably sourced materials. 

We commit to recognise the importance of sustainability, price AND trend to the younger generation.  

We commit to ensuring garments have a longer life span than fast fashion garments. 

We commit to all packaging be made from recycled materials or able to be recycled.